About Christina Wilcox

Australian filmmaker Christina Wilcox's films have been screened on television in Australia and around the world.

She has received many awards including an AFI Award for Best Direction - short film in 1987 and The Grand Prix at the 1988 Montreal Festival of Films on Art .

Christina began her documentary career with the film A Voice for the Wilderness in 1983.

Sands of Time, followed in 1985, a doco about the human impact on the natural environment of Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world.

Then followed a series of films on the environment and biographies of Australian artists.

The subject of her most recent biography is Peter Rushforth, ceramic artist, teacher and national living treasure in the documentary Playing with Clay - the Life and Art of Peter Rushforth (2010).

Other Australian artist biographies directed by Christina include:

Elizabeth Jolley (writer ): The Nights Belong to the Novelist
Ruth Cracknell (actor) Its Ruth
Fred Williams (artist) Patterns of Landscape
Joan Carden (soprano) The People’s Diva

Films distributed by Christina Wilcox are available for purchase in DVD format. Contact Christina for availability and pricing.